ATV Safety

Practicing ATV safety can make ATV riding a fun and exciting sport as well as a key element in agricultural work. In recent years ATV injuries and deaths have dramatically increased in the U.S. Improper use of ATV’s can result in serious injuries, therefore it is important to read the manufacturers safe practices and understand specifics about your individual ATV as well as enrolling in an ATV Rider Course which is available free to many new riders. Below is a list of Safety tips to keep you safe on the trails.


ATV Basics - The importance of understanding your ATV

Not all ATV’s are the same, in fact the wide varieties from one ATV to the next can make it important to be aware of how a particular ATV works before going for a ride.

What to be aware of:

Understanding these differences as well as the locations of all the proper controls and switches will make it easier for you to safely handle the vehicle.

Safety Gear - What to wear

ATV’s by design can turn over, thus safety gear is extremely important to protect yourself in the case of an accident. It can also provide stability and comfort on a long ride.

Safety Guidelines

To get the most out of your ATV experiences follow safety guidelines and understand your particular vehicle. Don’t forget to ride responsibly and try to inflict the least amount of damage to your surroundings as possible. This will ensure that you will always have a place to ride and that the individuals who own or maintain the area will not have a problem with you enjoying it.

Resources: ATV Safety Institute “Tips and Practice Guide for All-Terrain Vehicle Rider” Specialty Vehicle Institute of America. 2008.

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