Sharing Economy Insurance

Sharing Economy Insurance for Hunters and Landowners: The core of our business has always been liability for hunting clubs and the landowners they lease from. Recently there has been a shift in the market causing individual hunters to turn to innovative tech-enabled platforms and online communities that connect Hunters and landowners, as well as guided operations. Innovative business models demand innovative insurance coverage, and Outdoor Underwriters has the knowledge to make sure you’re protected.

Our Sharing Economy Insurance program for hunters and landowners provides the coverage your company needs while operating as a tech-enabled platform or online community while protecting associated landowners. We couple our General Liability coverage with a Participant Accident Policy to protect hunting participants. Outdoor Underwriters and our partner agency, Y-Risk, understand the unique coverage needed to make this deal work for all parties involved.

The team at Outdoor Underwriters has the knowledge and experience to ensure all of your charter insurance needs are met.

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